Amazing Women Serving Women | Feminine Hygiene Product Companies Donate to She Stories Inc.

Something amazing happens when women come together.

Amazing women came together in the months of December and January to support She Stories Inc.

Lola x Ronnie M. Layering Bar

With the help of our friend Ronnie of Ronnie M. Layering Bar, we received donations from Lola - The first lifelong brand for women. They’re dedicated to providing you with an ever-expanding portfolio of trusted products and candid information for you to make deliberate decisions about your reproductive health. From your first period to your last hot flash (and beyond!), they have you covered.

Ehmandah Ramsey, founder of She Stories | Ronnie, owner of Ronnie M. Layering Bar

Ehmandah Ramsey, founder of She Stories | Ronnie, owner of Ronnie M. Layering Bar

Love Made x Nannocare x Jesyka White

With the help of our She Stories squad member Jesyka White, we received donations from Love Made - A Brand & Creative Agency based out of L.A. and Nannocare: NannoPad - Minimize discomfort, maximize life. The most innovative menstrual pads infused with new Nannogenic™ Technology. Naturally relieve menstrual discomfort with no drugs or medicine. This was a surprise donation for our non profit. We love to see women serving women and we are thankful for donations.


We’re thankful for the generous donations of feminine hygiene products from Lola and Nannocare. Because of YOU, we can continue to serve homeless women and girls with dignity.

We stand together to help those in need. We stand together to support and empower women.

Together we can be the change.

- Ehmandah Ramsey, founder of She Stories

Pretties with Purpose

In November 18’, we launched our Pretties with Purpose Drive. Donation boxes were placed at Ronnie M. Layering Bar - Claremont, Dolce Blossom Boutique - Claremont, CA and I.E. Microblading - Upland, CA.

The community came together, donated online and dropped off items at the various locations. Because of your donations, together we made over 100 Pretty Packs for Homeless Women & Girls for Pretties with Purpose Drive. Each note was written with love. Each pretty pack was filled with care. Pretties Packs were distributed to Foothill Family Shelter - Upland, CA and Pomona Shelter - Volunteers of America.

A big thanks to everyone who donated funds and items. Thank you to all the women who posted as shared on their social media feed/story. A super thanks to Ronnie - owner of Ronnie M. Layering Bar, Vanessa Romero - owner of Dolce Blossom, Deanna Brown - owner of I.E. Mircoblading and Anissa Campbell of Blue Eyed Girls in Upland, CA for providing a chic space for our donation drive.

Together We Rise💗


Learn to Love Yourself, Learn to Love Your Business

Self-growth is an ongoing process, which means that it requires regular dedication over the course of time. Starting down a path to develop a positive mindset, both in business and in your personal life, and to become a more fulfilled person is an action that should be commended. It takes honesty, dedication, and an open mind to continuously move forward to better yourself. One of the most significant actions you can take to make your journey easier is to embrace and believe in self-love. Remember, your thoughts control your feelings and behaviors so it's best to keep them on the side of positivity. 

If you allow your thoughts to be self-critical and negative, they will end up having a negative effect on the way you feel about everything as well as the actions you will take; this can lead to the downfall of your company. Negativity is like a virus; it seeps into your business and personal interactions and affects everything. Once you realize that learning to love yourself helps your relationships with both your business and the people you deal with, you can move toward living in fulfillment. The following tips will guide you in discovering how to get better at self-love in order to bring you closer attaining your goals in business and your personal life.

Mind Your Posture

Did you know that the way you hold yourself tells others a lot? A business owner with poor posture, who slouches and avoids eye contact, can be viewed as someone who lacks self-esteem. This kind of presentation can have a negative effect on your self-esteem and on the people you deal with, including your potential customers. When you portray weakness in yourself, your customers are likely to feel as if you are not strong enough to care for their business needs. Just based on the presentation of yourself, you can lose your target clients to your competition.  So, avoid slouching and straighten your spine instead.

At first it may hurt and feel unnatural, but as time goes by, you'll notice it feeling more and more natural. Try looking people you meet squarely in the eye (but I mean look away at times - don't be creepy) and speaking to them with clear communication. You’ll be surprised the impact just this small change can have on your confidence, and in turn, your business. 

Dress Happy, Feel Happy


Wearing clothes that make you feel attractive and comfortable is something I would suggest you doing to put a little spring in your step. If you’ve been feeling a little blah lately, this small step can help boost your self-esteem. Now, I'm not telling you to go out and spend loads of money on a whole new wardrobe, I'm just saying to dust off some clothes in your closet that you may not have worn in a while. Remember your favorite outfit? Pull that out, add some nice accessories, fix your hair, put on some makeup (if you're into that sort of thing), straighten that spine and sell your look! Putting a bit of extra effort into your overall look can go a long way toward boosting your self-esteem, and help you look more professional and in charge to your target market.

 Push Your Passion

Another excellent way to pull yourself out of depression and make yourself attractive to your target market is to invest time in your passions (one should be your business - If you're not passionate about your business, this can also lead to depression). When you're feeling down, it can be easy to forget about the reason you first started your business or even forget about the hobbies you once enjoyed. If you think you don’t have a passion for your business, now is the perfect time to revisit why you started this business in the first place and figure out if it's time to rebrand in order to match your passion. Sit quietly and reflect on the activities you enjoy helping others perform or that you’ve been interested in trying. Once you’ve identified up to three, make a plan to get started. Wrapping yourself up in a much-loved business is more than likely to renew your sense of purpose and accomplishment. Your excitement will show through in the way you talk about your company and is likely to be contagious. Your target market will enjoy listening to you, being around you, and working with you. People enjoy being around others who exude passion and enthusiasm.

Care for Yourself First

Investing in your health and self-care is difficult to do when you’re already not feeling very positive. The funny thing is, when you start to show yourself some attention, you’ll begin to feel more deserving of it. For example, eating healthy and exercising leads to increased energy, an enhanced mood, and better self-esteem. Doing all of this is bound to produce a more positive and realistic outlook, allowing you to continue to invest in yourself and in those around you. In every business book and article I've read about successful business owners, the first thing they do is care for themselves; exercise and meditation first thing in the morning.

These tips are just a handful of strategies to building the self-love required to improve your business and the relationships in your company. Just remember that with most new habits, it can be difficult to start. However, once you begin to put these actions into practice, you’ll find it easier to make them a routine part of your life. It won’t take long for your positive feelings about yourself and your business are abundant and begin spilling over into other areas of your life.

—Ky Toure

My name is Ky Toure owner of KayCee Enterprises and author of the 365 Daily Affirmations Journal for Successful Business Owners. I teach business owners the best way to organize their company and properly use time management skills to attain their goals each quarter. Mapping out a plan for business success is easier with two heads especially when one of this is a Business Project Manager.  See how my company can help you soar into the next quarter –   KayCee Enterprises

My name is Ky Toure owner of KayCee Enterprises and author of the 365 Daily Affirmations Journal for Successful Business Owners. I teach business owners the best way to organize their company and properly use time management skills to attain their goals each quarter. Mapping out a plan for business success is easier with two heads especially when one of this is a Business Project Manager. See how my company can help you soar into the next quarter – KayCee Enterprises

“Celebrating the Small Wins” Reylena Lopez, MSW

When talking to most women I usually hear them say that they are on a journey towards completing something amazing, whether that is prepping to finish school, plans for a big move, starting a new job, rejuvenating their health or a new business venture. They are pursuing a goal, setting a vision and taking steps to get there. As humans, we are always aspiring towards something. But what gets in the way and what can we do to keep us moving forward despite obstacles? Obstacles like self-doubt, lack of motivation, distraction, fear of failure and lack of support systems during the journey.

We are all familiar with the obstacles, but we overlook the small wins during the journey. Without the milestones, we could never achieve our ultimate goal. Here are three reasons to celebrate the small achievements during the journey:

1) When we meet a milestone, whether it is small or big, the reward system in our brain is triggered. As a result, the brain releases dopamine, the “happy” chemical. In better terms, your mind is throwing itself a party! This act serves as an intrinsic reward system and serves a motivation for the future.

2) Jodi Clarke, MA, from VeryWell mind states that “While celebrating your milestone is important, it is equally important to reflect on how you got there”. Here are some questions to reflect on during the journey: what strengths did you utilize to achieve your goal, how did you overcome the obstacles, and who helped along the way? These reflective questions slow us down; help us identify what we did well and what it took to get there. It is a way to honor the process. For more ways to slow down, check out this mindfulness page for more tips:

3) The smallest day to day tasks may seem mundane, but without them the goal is unachievable. Burn out is common, especially when trying to achieve a long-term goal. So in 2011, the Harvard Business Review stated that “Of all the things that can boost inner work and life, the most important is making progress in meaningful work.” It would be easy to overlook the mundane tasks, but this is the progress we as women need to celebrate with one another.

Let’s work to celebrate our tribe’s milestones. The women in our lives need encouragements in their journey. What are some ways can we support each other?


The final goal is what we show on our social media; it is the picture-perfect product. However, the small day-to-day successes were the best milestones.

It was when no one was looking that you were slowly succeeding.

These are the moments to savor.

Sexual Assault: re-traumatization, triggers and caring for yourself and others By: Reylena Lopez, MSW

When stories of sexual assault are shared on the news, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook it may be our first reaction to take sides, comment or ignore it. What is even better than making a point to your followers is checking in on your loved ones who have experienced abuse, assault, or rape. According to the United States Department of Justice, 1 out of every 6 American women has been the victim of attempted rape or completed rape in their lifetime. While we may think that hearing these stories on the news can be harmless to other survivors there is such a thing as re-traumatization. And no, no one is “overreacting”. Re-Traumatization is real; it is experienced by survivors of trauma, such as people in the military, sexual assault survivors and individuals of extreme disasters such as September 11th.  For women hearing or seeing stories of sexual assault or violence on the media, it can be, “triggering”. This can look like, reoccurring nightmares, flashbacks of the incident, hyper-vigilance or loss of interest in activities. Memories and images are stored in our brain in a very unique way and they do not disappear for survivors just because they reported the incident. However, with the help of friends, family, therapy, or other religious supports survivors can lead full and beautiful lives. Many women feel empowered to share their story to keep other women safe. However, if you are not there yet and in case women in your life were feeling like they were “overreacting”, remind them that these experiences are normal and they are not alone.

If you are not directly affected by sexual assault and violence but want to support other women who are, here are some ways:

  • Check in with your friends, if they don’t respond give them space and time. It may not be that they can share their story, but they need to feel supported and safe

  • Encourage the women in your life who have not sought help to find a counselor, specifically a therapist that works with this topic

  • Remind survivors to monitor social media, if there are friends that they need to, “mute”, delete or “unfriend” it is important to do so

  • If you are a survivor and feel triggered you can ground yourself. Grounding yourself requires you to identify things in the room that you can feel, touch, smell, taste, hear and see. While grounding yourself it is important to say, “my thoughts and feelings are valid at this moment, but my body is safe right now”

Remind yourself and others that women are resilient, we are strong. Our brains, body, and souls can heal.

For other support, you can call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-4673.