I'm Ehmandah Ramsey

and i’m the founder of she stories.


As a PK (pastor's kid) every 1st Sunday in church, I experienced testimony service.  See this was a time in the service where the congregation had an opportunity to share about their life, their journey.  As I child, I remember the elderly people jumping up to share about their life experiences.  They wouldn't hesitate.  I mean, they were pretty excited to share about what God did for them.  No shame in their game.  My daddy would say, "It's testimony time, who has a testimony."  Sis. Taylor would stand up, sing a song and begin to tell her story.  She would share her challenges but her faith got her through.  She didn't stop there. Sis Taylor would end the testimony by sharing her victorious moment.  Everyone would clap and say amen.  See they weren't clapping just to clap.  They clapped because they could identify with her.  Sis. Taylor's story helped someone in the congregation keep the faith.

See, I never understood the value and richness of her testimony until I became an adult.  My elders’ testimonies inspired the congregation to never ever give up.  The story gave hope and it encouraged.  It reminded everyone that no matter what you were experiencing, you can make it.  Even in the moments when you felt like given up, you were reminded of your purpose and it ignited your inner strength to keep going.  There was empowerment in every story. In 2017, I decided carry on this tradition and share this amazing gift of storytelling from my elders to my tribe.  I provided a sacred space for women to share their challenges and victories so they can not only be empowered but through each story women would find a circle of support and empowerment.  Her story matters and the world needs to hear it. #shestories

~ Ehmandah Ramsey