Amazing Women Serving Women | Feminine Hygiene Product Companies Donate to She Stories Inc.

Something amazing happens when women come together.

Amazing women came together in the months of December and January to support She Stories Inc.

Lola x Ronnie M. Layering Bar

With the help of our friend Ronnie of Ronnie M. Layering Bar, we received donations from Lola - The first lifelong brand for women. They’re dedicated to providing you with an ever-expanding portfolio of trusted products and candid information for you to make deliberate decisions about your reproductive health. From your first period to your last hot flash (and beyond!), they have you covered.

Ehmandah Ramsey, founder of She Stories | Ronnie, owner of Ronnie M. Layering Bar

Ehmandah Ramsey, founder of She Stories | Ronnie, owner of Ronnie M. Layering Bar

Love Made x Nannocare x Jesyka White

With the help of our She Stories squad member Jesyka White, we received donations from Love Made - A Brand & Creative Agency based out of L.A. and Nannocare: NannoPad - Minimize discomfort, maximize life. The most innovative menstrual pads infused with new Nannogenic™ Technology. Naturally relieve menstrual discomfort with no drugs or medicine. This was a surprise donation for our non profit. We love to see women serving women and we are thankful for donations.


We’re thankful for the generous donations of feminine hygiene products from Lola and Nannocare. Because of YOU, we can continue to serve homeless women and girls with dignity.

We stand together to help those in need. We stand together to support and empower women.

Together we can be the change.

- Ehmandah Ramsey, founder of She Stories