Real Women. Real Stories.

your story

Girl do you know how much power you have? We all have a story to tell. One of the greatest things we can do as women, as a tribe is to share our journey. What trials have you overcome? What victories have you shared with your tribe? So many times we walk around not speaking your truth. Saying we’re ok, when we’re really not. No more masks. It’s time to share what’s behind the smile. We encourage women to learn to embrace their past and who they are.

Embracing your story is a journey. When you fully embrace who you are and your story, you will develop the courage to let your light shine. Be who you are. Girl You Got the Power! We are Real Women with Real Stories. Your story is not only healing for you but it can also change someones future. Let’s lift each other up and together we will rise.


The power of storytelling



Sharing your story can help others. Stories can be very healing and helps other know they are not alone.


find your voice

It helps you learn how to express yourself, share your truth and become the author of your own life.


find peace

You find a sense of peace and hopefulness that you never had before. It can help you get closure and gain a sense of freedom.



Sharing your story with others creates connection and builds community. .


storytelling nights

Any time women come together with a collective intention, it’s a powerful thing. We are very intentional in curating a sacred space so women can feel comfortable, supported to be free in sharing their story. Five courageous women share their real stories of overcoming.

Every story, every song, empowers and delivers hope.