She Gives

She Stories believes in women serving women.  Through She Stories Inc, our 501c3 Non-Profit Organization, we host give back events and partner with organizations to provide resources and support for women in need.  We're in it for the good.


Brenton Lee x She Stories

Brenton Lee of Brenton Lee Salon and She Stories have partnered together to help women feel beautiful inside and out.  We provide complimentary hair services at your non-profit organization - serving up to six (6) women. 

The event includes a complimentary cut & style, a swag bag filled with sample hair care products and a journal to begin write your story.  In addition to the services at the organization, we honor one woman by giving her a Glam Day at Brenton Lee Salon and feature her on our blog. 

28 Days Project

On average, a women's menstrual cycle is every 28 days.  Over 50K homeless women nationwide are in need of period products.  Some receive products through outreach organizations, some have to steal and others use socks, clothing and paper towels for hygiene.  She Stories is all about women serving women.  So our tribe and women in our local communities come together to collect feminine products (tampons, pads, feminine cleansing wipes) and hosts Period Parties to meet the needs of the homeless women in our local community.